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U.K. PASSENGER Terms & Conditions

We would advise you to look at each company's conditions of hire / booking in advance of payment. All companies have their own special conditions that differ from others, most are available on their web site, if not then ask, it is in your interest as you will be booking direct with that company, and the contract will be between you and them direct.

We are a free to use site and we charge you no extra on any of your bookings, we accept no liability for your booking or third party / consequential losses that may arise from your booking, your contract will remain with the company of which you booked. We are an Information website only.

We would also recommend that you also make sure that you take out travel insurance, declare any high value items you may be taking away with you, or any medical conditions you may have, and get confirmation from the company/s you use, that their insurance will adequatly cover you and your possessions.

All data stored on this site is has been accepted in good faith, if for any reason you believe the information to be incorrect or need updating please contact us via our contacts page and we will correct it.