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My name is Sean Hogan and I have been in the haulage industry for over 20 years, operating out of ferryports. Some may have know me better as Hogans Haulage. is a totally independent website.

Over the years I have noticed more 'agents' or 'middlemen' getting involved with freight into Europe, which pushes the prices up for the consumer, whilst the level of service deteriorates the more people you have to go through.

My idea is to let you book everything direct yourselves and save your hard earnt money. For FREE. How many of us now days if we wanted to go on a short break into Europe would use a travel agent? So why pay agents or middlemen fees for freight? Why not do it yourself!

In return all we ask of our customers is that you keep returning, you tell your friends or colleagues, and mention ferryport in the comments box when you book or donate (some companies may offer you a extra discount if you do).

In return from Business's you might be able to help us :- maybe with a link from your site to FerryPort, or a free service or even a donation to help towards the running costs of this site, to keep it free and independent.